We Offer The Complete Copywriting Course

What you'll learn

  • The Basics of Copywriting. All forms of copywriting share certain basic principles you’ll need to know as a copywriter. This chapter will take you through these copywriting fundamentals and give you an idea of what sets copywriting apart from other forms of writing.
  • Types of Copywriting. Copywriting is used by nearly all businesses throughout the world, and it comes in many different forms. This chapter takes a closer look at the main types of copywriting, the types of businesses that use them, as well as some core industries that hire a lot of copywriters.
  • How Much Do Copywriters Make? Your income as a copywriter can vary, depending on how you approach your copywriting career. This chapter will detail common copywriter salaries, as well as how to set and maximize your fees as a freelancer. It will also cover the areas of copywriting that tend to pay the most.

Creative copywriting team

This creative copywriting team has really helped me boost my business and reach my target audience. There are lots of great courses on copywriting. Pity they never get much further than sales copy. They bang on about the consumer when there’s a whole, profitable B2B marketplace out there. Nuocp team is different.

Rebeca Angello An entrepreneur and owner of gadget store

Keep up guys!

Thanks to Nuocp's course I finally realised how to become a Voice in my industry. I also had an eye-opening experience when they introduced me to the most powerful sales-lead generation secret of all time.

Carolina Schwartz An owner of e-commerce startup

Who’ll benefit from our course?

Well, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Small business owners, of course. And so will any person responsible for their company's marketing; wanting to improve their skills and their promotion prospects. And finally, anyone who's taken my course How to Become a Successful Freelance Copywriter, Working from Home. This course will really boost your business writing skills.

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